The increasing erosion of moral values is a matter of great concern to us. So, the school has built-in programmes to teach values through its curriculum and various other activities like hawana Sholakas Recitation, Competitions and Celebration of festive occasions. The school carries on the bed-rock of Indian tradition and maintains its vabrance. Every effort is made to inculcate human values in our students. Infacet, value education sharts from the very first day of the child in the school.


The mission of Tagore Bal Nikatan Public School is to provide an education through a challenging, content-rich curriculum and extra-curricular activities that are delivered by skilled, supportive, and creative teachers, coaches, and advisers. We believe in broad knowledge, the equal importance of character and intellect, the benefits of hard work, and the unique potential of our students. We foster self-discipline, independence, creativity, and curiosity. We provide students with the fundamental knowledge.